Making of The Last Elf
by Piotr Fox Wysocki, Poland

Hello Everyone, I am Piotr Fox Wysocki from Poland. After receiving lots of mails I decided to write a making of The Last Elf in an interviewing way. Hope all of you will like this and if any questions or suggestions have then don’t hesitate to mail me.

Q. From where you get the concept of creating The Last Elf?

There was no concept. I decided to do something crazy and like to check how much simple workstation can handle. The idea was to create exact models just like in a real life. That means no displacement, just pure geometry. And it was a modeling experiment, to see if it's worth to suffer so much. I realized it would be too simple to create a character.

Later when I finish modeling head, I realize so maybe it is not enough...And I go for Lord of the Rings elf. I liked there elvish helmet shape, but for me there was not enough decorations. I saw concepts of those helmets and they was awesome, finally in movie they looks poor. This idea didn’t fit to my imagination about elves. I didn’t want to do anything new compare to LOTR; I want to just improve a bit, to fit my vision of elvish culture.

So I asked my wife, Marta Wysocka, to make an amazing helmet based on LOTR movie. While she was working on it, I was working on clothes, shader. She spends lots lot’s of time on researches for decorative motives. Finally she found Celtics motives which she adopt to elvish ones. Finally we end with designed motives for at list 5 helmets. After 4 months of researches, modeling, redoing we have helmet done.

And I realize there was something missing in the fabric but when I saw her helmet I had to do something like she was doing. So I did the brooch. And it was a really small object compared to her helmet.

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