Making of Meet You
by Zhang Sheng, China Web:

making of meet you

Hello everyone, I am Zhang Sheng from China. ‘Meet you’ is my latest work and glad that lots of friends like this. I would also like to thank the for their assistance, so that I can share the production process.


Before I made the various 3d artworks including the robot, variation and so on. At the time in university, I studied painting at the Art Institute. Thoughts and techniques of painting has been affecting me. This time I want to portray a cute Oriental girl, a unique beauty of the Orient. She is fashionable, confident and lively. In my imagination she meets me.

I collected some photos as a reference, but I did not want to produce in accordance with anyone. I want to create a girl in my imagination.


I used Maya to create this Girl. Create a basic model. At this time I paid attention to the proportion of the model and topology.

I export the basic model in .obj file and then sculpting the model in Zbrush. Frankly speaking, ZBrush is a very high efficient modeling tool, I can rely on it for the shape I want to model. This will also be benefited to me from my painting experience.

Later I will give her clothes to put on, so now I do not want to add too many physical details in sculpting. May be I will add later on.

I modeled the hand by taking the reference of my own hand. Ha.Ha, this is a fun process, feel that they become the part of the character. Thank God for giving me a pair of slender hands.

For modeling the good sculpture, I start editing the model UVs. Editing the UV mapping now to avoid deformation later. Export the model in .obj, then open it using Unfold3d. Then selected edges are cut open, unfolding, everything is easy. Unfold3d is an excellent software.

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