Making of Quiet Room
by Yan Chan Web:


Hi everyone, in this “making of” article I am going to show the general process that I went through to create the “Quiet Room.” I used Autodesk Maya to model all of the objects and used Photoshop to do the texturing. “Quiet Room” is one of my recent personal works – I love scary movies, so I think it would be interesting to do an empty, creepy little room.

Every time before I start on any project, I collect as much reference as possible from the internet, looking at photographs, movies and games – it can help to give inspiration for what I want to do. Below is just a few of the reference pictures related to this project.


Looking at picture reference is very important for modeling, because you can really see the scale and proportion of each object and how they relate to one another. Many objects in the scene are started from a cube or cylinder, I like to start with the simple form and keep adding details and make it the way I want. After all the modeling is complete then we can lay out all the UVs to render an ambient occlusion map, then we can start texturing.

Here are the grey and the wire frame renders.

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