by Zhang Yang, China


My inspiration comes from a fiction story which tells a war between human beings and machines. Human beings were almost extinct. The survivors became stronger by aberrance. Can we win? I think it looks like Matrix :)

This image wants to express the rebellious spirits of human beings, foretelling that the victory finally will be coming. Therefore, I put the character into a obscure and repressive environment and wanted to express the human power through the gesture and body language of the character. What's more, there is a big area light source in the background which stands for the victory. In order to make the whole image full of magnificence; I decided to make use of a huge city to be my background. The whole image is filled with chaos and destroys, but meanwhile I don't want it to look too horrific and bloody.

I drew the draft and the color relationships quickly, then continued to add my own idea and used someone's great concept for reference. Once I think the general design was well, I turned to next step. I didn't want to spend too much time on this step because maybe I could refine it afterward. Have a look the final image and a wireframe image.

Collecting References

After I finished the concept design, I spent a whole day collecting various references such as human anatomy pictures, human skin textures, machine and architecture textures, environment textures and so on. Certainly, I should thank, because almost all my references are from there. Then, I modified my design again.

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