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Making of the Rider by Christopher Adajar, France

making of the rider


This is the 5th challenge that I joined and my first artwork which was a grand winner. I am really happy to say that with all the efforts and hard work I did, it is really worth.

With my previous challenges I can compare and see how my skills improved a lot, I know that I am still far away to be considered as good but I believe I am moving forward and hopefully it won’t stop here.

This is my 3rd attempt to model a big bike, I did the modeling of a Kawasaki and personal designed bike but I did not even finish half of the modeling process! Maybe because I was not committed to finish it since that was a personal work.

When I read about the challenge from CGArena theme “Accident”, without any thinking, I said to myself I want to be in! Without brainstorming and thinking about the concept, I said to myself that this is my chance to continue my desire to model a bike and instantly I decided to do a motorbike racing accident scene.

Yamaha R1 - Modeling

Let’s talk about how I modeled this super sport bike Yamaha YZF-R1.

Maya 2008 was the primary software used for building the entire scene, Photoshop for painting textures, ZBrush for sculpting and After Effects for compositing. Since it is a common subject I did not have hard time finding good reference for modeling the motorcycle. Initially I started building curves to draw the initial base of my mesh then I used brail tools to patch up the meshes.

After patching all the meshes I used attached, detached, global stitch operation to refine the nurbs meshes before converting to polygons.There were several techniques of modeling process I used like polygons, nurbs and subD to complete the entire modeling.It was really fun to build this wonderful machine!

After completing all the geometry of my model I did a smooth operation by using poly smooth surface. Initially a lot of problems happened for poly smooth operation because of the huge amount of poly counts.

Un-smooth geometry has a total of 80 thousand polys and it reached up to 2 million polys after smoothing.

When I was doing a test render, I almost loose all my hair by scratching my head because of the huge amount of time I waited just for a simple render setup, considering that the textures was not applied yet.

Since I wanted to boost the details of my model, I did not want to optimize the poly counts that might cause poor detailing, instead I rendered my model in layers like engine is one layer, body is another layer, tyre, brakes etc....and it works.

That is one of the Maya’s amazing feature, it can always handle heavy scene by using render layers.

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