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Making Snow in Maya 2010
by Niklas Brandin Web:

making snow in maya 2010

1. Place your mesh on a groundplane. Double click the move-tool to access the options. Check the box “Camera-based selection”, and move to the top view.

2. In the top view. Go to face-mode, and drag your selection around your object. Then select Edit mesh > Duplicate face . Go to the outliner and select the new objects and combine them (Mesh > Combine) Select the original mesh and hide it (shift + h). It should now look something like this:

3. Select the mesh, and go to the nParticle-menu. Make sure the preset is set to Water. Select “Emit from object.

4. Make sure its emitting from the surface, and set the rate to 5000. Set speed to 0, and press apply.

5. Select the particles in the outliner, and check the box ”Ignore Solver Gravity”. Set the particle weight and the conserve value to 0. I also set the particle size to 0.1, and the radius scale randomize to 0.5.

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