Making of Sohrab
by Farzad Dalvand, Iran

making of sohrab

Hi everybody; my name is Farzad Dalvand from IRAN. During last decade I have been working in Aria Animation Company (since the company foundation) and I am doing different work in different projects, as a character artist, animator in chief, background artist...


The character you seen in the picture is one of the most famous Iranian historical characters named Sohrab and he is the son of Rostam, the greatest Iranian hero.

In the story Rostam (the father) kills sohrab (his son) as an unknown enemy and this is one of the most tragic legends of Iranian culture. The original tragedy belongs to 7000 years ago.


This character concept artist is my friend and colleague Mr. Farhani, and the concept was used as a good reference and blueprint. For texturing and detailing on armor and belt I used the Old Iranian books and painting as reference.


This character has been modeled using polygon method, this is one of the favorite and predominate methods for 3D artists. In this method after constructing half of body pieces on a low poly, I used mirror tool for completing the character body. I used many tools for modeling such as extrude, bridge, bevel, inset edge loop, cut face and fill hole... Polygon modeling in Maya is really wonderful, because there is no limitation for doing anything and each tool has many options for doing good work.

In the next step to add the details, I subdivide the polygons for better results. For this step I increased the number of polygons very carefully, because the character must be animated and very hires character cannot be used in animation.

For modeling the spear, I used the primitive cylinder and extrude it several times and shaped it to my favorite form, and for blade I used curve and extrude it after that with moving the points and edges I shaped it.

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