Model a Spitfire War Plane
by Aziz Khan, Afghanistan

Hello everyone and welcome to this (Spit Fire War Plane) tutorial!! In this tutorial I will show you how to model a spit fire war plane, this tutorial is pretty handy for those of you who are in love with old war planes like me :-)

After reading this tutorial you will be able to model your own planes, the model will be kind of low poly and pretty suitable for game engines if you want to use.

This tutorial is for Maya users if you are not Maya user you can apply the same techniques in any 3d application like 3ds max, Softimage XSI, Lightwave 3d so on and so Forth, so in this case I am using Maya 2008 and you can go with any version regardless.

So let's dive in.

Fire up Maya make sure you have a new scene, first of all change your working units to inches to get perfect placement for the reference images, if you are new and you Don't know how to change your working units go to (Window >> Setting/Preferences >> Preferences) then change it like on the image below.

1. Now open Photoshop and popup your reference images which you can download it from here. To check out the dimensions of the image right click on the title bar of the image and from menu click on “Image Size…” to check the size or select Image > Image Size. Now you can see the image size in the inches, remember the dimensions then next we will apply it to reference planes in Maya, as in the image below.

2. Since you saw the dimensions and got the exact size for the images, now it’s time to add the images on the reference planes, so in Maya create a polygon plane with 0 divisions, open up the channel box if it’s not already open hit CTRL+A twice to bring channel box, with the newly created plane selected in the channel box in the (Scale X) and (Scale Z) give the numbers you got from Photoshop, and then copy the plane 2 more time for front and side and then adjust the size of the reference planes by swapping the dimensions in channel box, once you setup your reference images, your scene should look like on the image illustrating below.

Note: you can swap the numbers if your images don't fit.

3. As you setup your scene with reference images it’s time to add them on layer to avoid of selecting them accidentally during the modeling, create a layer and then select all 3 of your planes in the scene then right click on the layer choose (Add Selected Objects). This will add your reference planes in the layer and now you have full control on the visibility of planes and also you can lock the reference images from selection, as you can see there is 2 boxes (V) and empty small box (V) = visibility and the other empty box is for locking the image, click on the box and make sure you have the (R) character now your reference planes are locked, by double clicking on it you can name the layer to its appropriate setting, like the image below.

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