Making of the Steam Master - Next-Gen Game Head
by Sorin Lupu

Making of Steam Master

Being a “making of”, this tutorial is intended for people with a prior understanding of the basic tools used for modeling and texturing. This is not a step by step walkthrough, but more of a project overview.

This tutorial will present the workflow used by the character artists working at AMC Studio when creating a Next Gen character. There are alternatives to this, but prior production experience has led me to believe that this method gives the best satisfactory results. The inspiration for the character comes from Asimov’s sci-fi novels, with a bit of Steam Punk, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, etc.

Basically, there are 5 phases to be followed:

1. Concept
2. Prehigh Modeling
3. High-res modeling and face textures
4. Low-res ingame mesh and UVs
5 Texturing


Here’s a quick sketch I did. It doesn’t contain too much detail in it as I’ll probably change a couple of details during this tutorial. Working with technical restrictions usually causes this.

Prehigh Modeling

You can use any 3d modeling package for this stage. I used Maya, but that shouldn’t be a problem for people using other programs as the descriptions are pretty general and can be easily applied to other 3d packages. This phase is very important as it defines the proportions of the characters, its silhouette and functionality.

Now is the time to decide which parts can be modeled separately. Most of the times, the accessories should be separate geometry which can be modeled fully in Maya. It’s also very important to keep the entire mesh built out of quads so that the work we’ll be doing later in Zbrush be easier.

Here’s a brake-up of this model:

Each part has a different material to it:

1. Skin Face
2. Hood
3. Goggles
4. Glass

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