Modeling Tire
by Aziz Khan, Afghanistan

Hello Everyone!! And welcome to this sport car tire modeling tutorial, In this tutorial I will show you how to create realistic looking sport car tire in Maya, I tried to explain every necessary things with visual screen shoots I hope this could helps you to grasp it easily during modeling.

I have made the same tutorial for 3ds max users with a little different modeling technique which you can read on after few weeks time. So let’s get started the modeling of rim and tire!!

Step 1: Open up Maya any version regardless, and then go to (Create>>Polygon Primitives>>Cylinder) then apply the same setting as image showing below.

Step 2: Right click and from pop up menus choose Face as below

Step 3: Now select the top face and then go to (Edit Mesh>>Extrude) like the image below...

Note: in the image below you can see I haven't selected (Keep Faces Together) I assume you keep the (Keep Faces Together) checked otherwise you will compensate the modeling time while you apply smooth. Once again make sure your (Keep Faces Together) is checked.

Step 4: Once you hit extrude you will see nothing, now change your transformation to scale and then move it inside like the image illustrating below.

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