Making of Portrait of a Troll
by Jonas Persson, Sweden

Additional Details

Even though I didn't have the time to do the hair, hat and other props I still wanted something that turned the troll into a fairy tale character instead of just an ordinary beast. I figured the earring would do the job and also not too complicated. After some studies of old Viking and Celtic jewelry I pretty much designed it in Maya and Mudbox.  I am quite happy with how it turned out after adding a Photoshop generated bump map and a simple color and specular texturing. This test render is done with a point light in Maya software.

Final Rendering

At this point I didn't have much time left. I tried with some more advanced lighting but I didn't have time to make it work nicely. I finally used a more simple lighting, similar to what I used in the test renders. I simulated a simple diffuse light from above with three slight blueish directional lights for a night sky and one slightly from underneath with more yellow tones, to look as it came from a fireplace or a flashlight.

Post Processing in Photoshop

The background was done really fast, the night completed before deadline. I used pieces of photos and paintings, corrected the colors and painted away the seams just enough so it wouldn't be noticeable when I blurred it. And after some fake depth of field with the blur tool it was pretty much done. After deadline I still had some thoughts about creating hair, and I did try, but to get it the way I wanted demanded too much work. I was already involved in too many other projects.

About the Artist

My name is Jonas Persson. I'm currently studying my second and last year at “Nackademin digital graphics” in Stockholm Sweden. Before I started here I had never really thought about working with 3d, my main interest was in classic art  and illustration which I had studied before.  I have always loved creating things, especially things that can trigger mine and hopefully other peoples imagination. I figured game and visual effects jobs must offer a lot of this. I still haven't done anything professional in 3d though, only a three months of 2d work for a small game company here in Sweden this summer. By far the most creative holiday job I have ever had.   

If you have a strong vision of what you want, and if you are willing to put lot of time and effort into getting there you will learn plenty on the way. I hope you liked the article.

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