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Making of Turkish Butcher by Ahmet Arif Eken, Turkey Portfolio:


Hello everybody. My name is Ahmet Arif Eken. I am a freelance 3d illustrator specialized in advertisement in Turkey. I couldn’t work on personal projects for 2 years since I was busy with commercial works.

I did this project in my one week vacation. It was a quick work so I didn’t draw any sketches. I tried to enhance the composition by modeling and making test renders.

My idea is based on the butchers I had seen in my childhood. This butcher is working in a not so clean environment but he’s good at what he’s doing. This shop is his father’s legacy and he is bounded with family traditions. I wanted to achieve a live scene with angles, lights and composition. As if we are waiting there for our order and looking at each other...


Because I started this project without any sketches I started with ZBrush; the fastest platform I can produce sketch –form. I modeled the head first with default sphere.

Then I reconstructed the head with Topogun after making his shirts with ZSphere. I reconstructed the t-shirt with ZBrush retopology tool. Actually there are not much differences with both tools basically, Topogun is more professional and controllable.


face detail


I constructed the scene simply using cube and sphere before I started other modeling’s, to see the angle and lights in general. Then I made sketches on test renders in order to see what I can add to the composition.


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