Understanding Lights in Maya - Part 1
by Aziz Khan, Afghanistan

Hello everyone and welcome to (Understanding Lights in Maya) tutorial series, well in this tutorial series we will explore Maya's default light options for every and each light in the list, this tutorial series will be in 4 parts including exercise tutorial in the end of these tutorials, after reading these tutorials you will have enough understanding about each and every light in Maya, I hope you will enjoy doing these tutorials so today I am going to present you the first part of these tutorials which will be (Ambient Light) and (Directional Light), let’s get started.

1 - Before starting anything make sure your Mental ray plug-in is load up, if not then follow the images below.

2 - Keep Going

3 - Now from render settings, change the renderer (from Maya default to Mental ray)

4 - ok now create plane with sphere to work with while testing lights, and then apply blinn material with any texture you wish and then do the following settings

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