Understanding Lights in Maya - Part 4
by Aziz Khan, Afghanistan

Hello guys and welcome to the last part of Understanding Lights In Maya tutorial, in this tutorial we will light up an interior scene which should help you understand how lights works and how to setup lights to illuminate any interior scenes. Ok let's start working.

1 - Download the Scene or create your scene as per your wish, then open the scene to create 2 Area Lights.

2 - Place the lights on the windows, but keep little gap between windows and lights.

3 - Ok it’s time to simulate the sunlight to serve our purpose and we will use Directional Light since it will work fine for such situations, Create a Directional Light and then place it something like shown on the image below, make sure that light is passing through the window to inside the room

4 - Fix your camera inside room to start test rendering

5 - Once you setup your lights and you are happy with placements of lights then hit render, and you should see a blown and washed out image

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