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Project Overview: Sheikh Zayed by Oleg Koreyba, Ukraine Web:

project sheikh zayed

One day, my customer gave me the task to create 3D portrait of Sheikh Zayed who was president of United Arab Emirates for 30 years. Very famous person! There was too small amount of Sheikh’s photos and such I had where with very low quality at the same time I got a task to create portrait with maximum congeniality. I focused on face and skin identity to make the realistic skin shader.

Portrait was modeled in Maya, sculpting I did in ZBrush and a rendering in Maya with Mental Ray. Because of heavy SSS shader and 2854 х 613 resolution final rendering for 1280 frames took more than 3 days on fully charged 3 computers. Here are the few steps and settings used in creation of the portrait...

I created a low-polygonal head in Maya and did the mapping. After that I imported the mesh in ZBrush.

base mesh modeling zbrush

I sculpt all divides, and on 7 divide I added the pores of the skin.

wrinkes pores

I created cloth simulation using Maya Cloth then I sculpt and add the details in cloth using ZBrush. Also added the eyes and modeled remaning bits and pieces of clothing in ZBrush.

cloth plane cloth simulated

head band

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