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Would you like to write tutorial for CGArena?  Just create a tutorial in Max, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Zbrush, Softimage XSI or Mudbox and get Attention in the Computer Graphics community. Please send an email to discuss your idea before start creating the tutorial/making.


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arrowTutorial:Maya V-Ray Rendering (Nightlight)

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to setup a night time interior lighting and rendering scene using Maya and V-Ray...

vray rendering

arrowTutorial: Making of Forgotten Forest

In this tutorial artist will discuss how we created these leaves and what things need to think or remember when creating a forest...


arrowTutorial: Making of Cyborg Operator

Here artist showed the girl who operated some kind of Cyborg or Mecha drone, I tried to show the girl a bit sad like characters...


arrowTutorial: Making of The Angry Fan

The Piece was inspired after I watched the match between Nigeria and Burkina Faso in the 2013 AFCON games.

angry fan

arrowTutorial: Making of Guerillas

Maxim Fluery will take a look at the work he did for my version of Brahm Revel's GUERILLAS's Cover.


arrowTutorial: Creating Maya Particles Fireworks

In this tutorial create Particles Fireworks and render in Maya and mental ray. This tutorial will give an idea to fresher Maya...


arrowTutorial: Making of Lampisia

Artist started to play with the idea of depicting a beautiful ancient city on water at dusk. He spent a while thinking about it...


arrowTutorial: Setup a Studio Lighting in Maya

Artist will be showing you how to setup a studio lighting environment for you to light and showcase your models.

studio lighting

arrowTutorial: Making of Jealousy

Artist think one of the most challenging parts of creating an art is the idea. Jealousy was supposed to be a completely different ...


arrowTutorial: Making of Little Honey

Little Honey is a character from the Muscle Beach animation movie. Muscle beach, Corey Rosen's animated feature film project...

little honey

arrowTutorial: Making of Green Redemption

In this making artist going to discuss how the work "The Green Redemption" was completed. It took twenty days of direct...

green redemption

arrowTutorial: Making of Bruce Lee

This image is the result of many new features that Alexander Beim learned recently. I think that in the future I will put more...

bruce lee

arrowTutorial: Medieval Sword Modeling

This tutorial will show you how to model a low poly sword using Maya modeling tools, by using this technique you would be able...

sword modeling

arrowTutorial: From Maldives with Love

From the sky artist was amazed by the beauty of this place, the air is so clear you can see far away. When is sunny you can see...


arrowTutorial: Physical Sun and Sky with Portal Light

This tutorial is about Maya's Physical Sun & Sky as well as using Portal Light shader to light up the scene in the realistic way

physical sun

arrowTutorial: Ambient Occlusion with Vray

Arvid just want to show you a quick and easy method to create ambient occlusion using Maya and Vray. Its using the surface...

ambient occlusion

arrowTutorial: Making of The Bedouin

The Bedouin was created as artist one of demo reel pieces. It is based on an amazing photograph by Peter Stanton.


arrowTutorial: Vray Object Properties

This Tutorial will show you how to set up render layers correctly using Vray Object Properties. It is a very convenient method of ...

vray object

arrowTutorial: Comprehensive Intro to Rigging

In this video tutorial I will talk about the most primary settings of rigging in Maya. After learning what is joint and how it works...


arrowTutorial: Animating in Maya Graph Editor

In this tutorial I will show you how positions objects along some text shapes and some other nice techniques

graph editor

arrowTutorial: Simple way to Position Objects Along Curve

In this tutorial will show you how positions objects along some text shapes and some other nice techniques.


arrowTutorial: General Speed Improvement with Marking Menus

This longer quick tip shows you some nice ways on how to increase your general workflow in Maya.

marking menu

arrowTutorial: Parent Mesh to Hair follicle with deformations

This tutorial will show you how to create a parent constraint to a hair follicle.With this neat trick you will be able to connect ...

parent mesh

arrowTutorial: Ngons - Making of Aroma

In this image most of the organic models were made and detailed in ZBrush. Other objects were modeled in Maya with basic...


arrowVideo Tutorial: Ngons - Eliminate them for Real-Time Engines and Renderings

In this quick tip video artist want to show you how to remove n-sided polygons, ngons from your meshes. In some occasions...


arrowTutorial: Create High Quality Depth Map

Low quality Depth Map problem in Maya is faced by many artists. This tutorial helps you in enhancing the Depth Map Quality.

depth map

arrowVideo Tutorial: Flicker Free Fly-through Animations with Indirect Illumination

This tutorial will show you how to create flicker-free fly through animations in Maya. I will use a simple technique to eliminate color...

flicker free

arrowVideo Tutorial: Advanced VrayFur (Grass)

Learn how to quickly and easy use VrayFur (Grass) for your architectural renderings. It should look photo-realistic and even move...


arrowTutorial: Making of DeadPool

Artist is not a big fan of comic strips but some of the characters have favorite styles so he decide to try to model one of them


arrowTutorial: Making of Ethroa

The idea was to show a feminine science fiction portrait with a peculiar helmet from where were spreading sunrays.


arrowTutorial: Making of Close Up Portrait

In this article artist will try to explain the techniques that used to create this image. He will focus mainly upon the textures...


Tutorial: Making of a Day

Inspiration from movie Ratatouille was a starting point of this work. Artist wanted to make a cozy, peaceful and personal place like...


Tutorial: Making of Little Fishes

In this making artist will share the workflow, sketching the idea is one of the most important step, to put your ideas on paper

little fishes

Tutorial: Making of Turkish Butcher

This butcher is working in a not so clean environment but he\'s good at what he's doing. This shop is his father's legacy and he...

turkish butcher

Tutorial: Making of Little Bunny

Hardest part was to decide what to create, so after spending sometime, artist figured out that he wanted to do a weird cartoon

little bunny

Tutorial: Head Modeling

This tutorial diggs deep into the unknown land of head modeling. If you are new to modeling. This will be a great tutorial for you.

head modeling

Tutorial: Making of Eddy

In this tutorial artist will explain how he created a realistic image of human using camera projection technique


Tutorial: Making of Potion of Gala

In this tutorial you will read about the workflow of shading and lighting for animation projects in a studio

potion of gala

Tutorial: Making of Ganesha - God of Wisdom

When artist finally summed up enough courage to begin this gigantic work, he decide to create a detailed statue of lord Ganesha

ganesha god of wisdom

Tutorial: Making of Ford GT 40 in Vegas

Artist will cover several aspects of hard surface polygonal modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering in Maya and Mental Ray

ford gt 40

Tutorial: Realistic Glass of Water

In this video tutorial artists wants to show you how to create a realistic glass of water (liquid) with Maya Mental ray materials.

realistic glass of water

Tutorial: Making of Ferrari F2 500

What you love and if you create that thing or character digitally then nothing can be more satisfactory for an artist


Tutorial: Making of Aston Martin V8 Vantage

In this making artist will focus more on the lighting and rendering of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage

aston martin

Tutorial: Making of Mercedes Benz CLS 550

Artist going to share the secrets of how he modeled and rendered the Mercedes-Benz CLS 550

mercedes benz 550

Tutorial: Cloth Driven Hair Dynamics

Little workflow video to show how get the hair driven by a cloth simulation in Maya. This is small video tutorial to give you some tips.

cloth driven hair dynamics

Tutorial: Making of Garage

Artist like to study lighting and shading with a cartoony look, so created this artwork in maya


Tutorial: Project Overview: Sheikh Zayed

This is 3D portrait of Sheikh Zayed who was president of UAE for 30 years. This artwork is created using Maya & ZBrush

sheikh zayed

Video Tutorial: Deforming Geimetry with Fluids

In this 10 min video tutorial learn how you can deform the objects using fluids.

deforming geometry

Tutorial: Making of Where's She Looking

Generally while doing a make-up women's look in the mirror but where's she looking, that's a mistry.

she looking

Tutorial: Making of Balcón Mediterráneo

Artist like the real pictures of Balcón Mediterráneo (Spain) so much, he decided to create the 3D version in Maya...


Tutorial: Making of the Alien Nature

Artist will explain about the workflow used to create the picture using Maya, ZBrush, Bodypaint, Renderman

alien nature

Tutorial: Making of the Rider

Artist created a motorbike racing accident scene in Maya for the CGArena challenge and won the first prize

making of the rider

Tutorial: Making Snow in Maya 2010

In this tutorial learn how you can create a fallen accumulated snow on any object or character

making snow

Tutorial: Making of Kid

Artist finds a photo of a kid on flickr and decide to create this in 3D to showcase the skills


Tutorial: Making the Digital Portrait of Mr. Obama

In this informative making going to walk you through the process of making digital portrait of Mr. Obama in Maya, ZBrush, Silo


Tutorial: Making of Fatjon's Performance

Artist is a big fan of Fatjon music and in this image like to show, he devoted himself into deep thinking while playing music


Tutorial: Modeling of Coca Cola Bottle

This tutorial is intended to show you how to make a Coca-Cola bottle using Maya and some tips to improve the workflow

Coca Cola Bottle

Tutorial: Making of Meet You

Artist from China will share the production process of the very appreciated image created in Maya and ZBrush

meet you

Tutorial: Making of Gordon Ramsay - Caricature

Explained the process of modeling the hot tempered chef, Gordon Ramsay - Caricature in Maya

gordon ramsay

Tutorial: Making of the Prince

A frog is not a complicated character and it has it's certain charm and I modeled using Maya and ZBrush


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