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Making of Dream Mill by Mehmet Akif Karaman, Turkey Web:

making of dream mill

While I am surfing in internet, I found this picture and fall in love to it. So I came with an idea,  scene like that will be challenged for me. Then  I started to work on scene and called it Dream Mill.. By the way I am not %100 strict to reference photo.



After all modeling and texturing done I need to decide how to handle all the trees and plants. I dont want to struggle with hundreds of shading nodes in Maya. So I use Vue for enviroment. As you know in Maya when we combine two or more materials with layer shader it effects the render time badly. I don't want to looks like that I'am complaining much about Maya but hope that, Autodesk consider this as a customer complain and came with a solution.  


Working with total amount of 331 milion polygons in Maya is just a imagination for me so I export the scene to Vue and added material to the objects.

ground material
Ground Material

wall material
Wall Material

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