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Making of Dust by Pierre Fabre, France  Web:

making dust

Elements of the Station

I started this project with the sole aim of model the vintage station.  The goal was to familiarize myself a bit with Cinema 4D and the principles of modeling / unwrapping / texturing.

The first step has been to model some characteristics of the station elements of the time: pump, tires, old wiring etc ... The pump has been unfolded using bodypaint textures and created the logo in Photoshop, this drawing is created in Illustrator and then use in the Photoshop.

station elements

Then I started modeling the station itself.  I used simple shapes with rounded angles.  I drew the basic shape in Illustrator and then import the shape in C4D and start extruding.  This is probably not the ideal solution but I have better control on beziers in the illustrator then in C4D. Then adds the elements little by little until you get a scene that seemed typical enough and detailed.

station building

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