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Modeling the 2010 World Cup 'Jabulani' Football
by William 'Proton' Vaughan Web:

House Cleaning

I like to keep my work area clean as I go, so I’d recommend removing any points that are not connected to any polygons after you’ve finished merging. One easy way of doing this is to open the Point Statistics window.

Bottom Menu > Statistics, Then click on the + next to “0 Polygons”


With the points selected, press the Delete key to remove them from the object. There are still a number of points that we need to remove from the tip portions of our object. Select the 12 unneeded points per tip (total of 48 points) that are located along the edges.


Laying Foundations

Your object is now clean and should now be ready for the next operation.


Select the four points that are located at the very tips of the tetrahedron.


With your Action Center set to Selection (Bottom Menu > Modes > Action Center: Selection).
Use the Size tool (Modify > Transform > Size) and scale numerically by a factor of 50% to move the points so that they become flush with the points that make up the base of the tip portions of the mesh.


I want to end up with the cleanest polygon flow as possible, so we need to reconfigure the geometry that makes up the tips.
To do this, we’ll need to split the edges that make up the base of the tip sections. Working on one tip section at a time, select the bordering edges and add a point in the center using the Connect operation (Construct > Combine > Connect). Do this for all four tip sections before moving on to the next step.


Pick one tip section to work with and select the three new points you just created as well as the center point.

center point

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