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Modeling the 2010 World Cup 'Jabulani' Football
by William 'Proton' Vaughan Web:

With the points selected, use the Connect operation to add new edges that will connect the outer points to the center point.

new edges

Now all that’s left for the tip sections is to merge the polygon pairs so that you end up with a diamond shape configuration. Reconfiguring the tip sections may seem trivial right now, but it will drastically change the way the final polygon flow for the better. Trust me!

polygons pairs

Make sure all four tip sections have been reconfigured before moving on to the next step. We need to split the center sections into smaller components so we can control the polygon flow of the final mesh. Start by selecting the two points that will allow us to split one of the center section right down the middle.

four tip

With the two points selected, use the Connect operation to create a new edge.

new edge

Select the new edge that we just created, and add a point to the center using Connect. Select the points that are on the edges that border the section we are working with as well as the newly created point.


Use the Connect operation to create edges between the selected points.


We’ll repeat the steps on the lower portion of the mesh. Select the center point and the points bordering the tips on the other side of the triangle.


Use Connect to create new edges.


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