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Making of La Espera
by Jorge Suarez, Argentina Web:

making of la espera

I am proudly present this making to all the great artists. La espera was created entirely in Lightwave. At first we used the 9.3 version which had already incorporated significant advances in fast skin y global light, then look at version 9.6 I could see that the improvements were even more notable, therefore rendering was done in this latest version. In the following pictures you can see the modeling process.

Note that Lightwave is often occasionally send error and therefore lose the model file or scene. The solution to this sort of trouble is to duplicate the objects. This copy of objects given the chance to show more details in the modeling process.

Here the process is to basically form and leave empty spaces and then put eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

We have created the separate objects with full level of details. Then the model is subdivided and merge the polygons, but we must take into account the number of points that were generated as they should be equal to each other. This technique avoids odd merge point resulting in a rectangular grid and without triangulation.

We demonstrated binding of the subdivision and separate objects. Then the basic model of the body and the shirt is modeled.

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