Hi, my name is Khalid Abdulla Al-Muharraqi and I would like to explain some of the steps I would typically take to create a concept like "Master of the Bottle".

The Idea

I always start by doing a bit of research on the idea, or the story.  Then I get into the sketching phase, and that’s when I start thinking about the pose, location, environment and so on, it is not necessary that the sketch is final, just for  indication  of the concept, what I would call the Plan.


In this project I used an existing 3d body of a human, onto which I sculpt the base mesh on Modo 301 until I was satisfied.  I would then start creating the best UV solution to support the kind of image maps I would like to create for it.  This is important to help me create displacements later on as well as skin texture and I would usually go thru many tests until I get it right.  This is a Video for Brad that helped me speed up the process on Modo TV.

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