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How to create a Sci-fi scene - Making of Primateran by Tamás Gyermán, Hungary


Intro - Hello my name is Tamás Gyermán, I am interested in sci-fi since my childhood, I love spaceships, creatures and all kind of fantasy stuff. The Final Picture shows the "Primaterans" a civilization that prefers the dark corners of the galaxy, whilst hiding from their enemies until their armada is strong enough to destroy them all.

My idea was to create a Scene that shows a part of the "Primaterans" World, the idea was to create a huge blue Planet in a dust cloud with meteor field and ships. This Picture was created from scratch, no concept-sketches or any kind of references where used, just my imagination.

Creation: The Starfield was the first thing that I’ve created, it's build up of many smaller images, and then I put in the perspective lines over it


The Scene is splitted in three main parts, foreground, background and the middle region, each part has a different color specification. After setting up the perspective lines i've started Modeling the first Ship, as you can see on the pictures i'm using basic objects like Cylinders and Cubes in combination with the Extrude function.


I always begin by creating the body of the ship, (basic body-form) later on I create smaller things like the propulsion or the weapons.

By using the "Knife-Tool" I slice new areas to existing polygon objects; it's a simple method to create a well detailed model. Each of the Ships is done in this way; the models are looking massively rather than modern designed ships.

After finishing all the models I started to create the textures. I used three kinds of textures: Diffuse, specular and Bump-maps. The Diffuse-Channel is a combination of a Metal texture and a Procedural Cloud (to achieve a dirt-looking metal).

The Specular-Channel contains a Colored Version of the diffuse texture; it's smoother than the original texture and has no detailed parts compared to the helmet.


I've used several projection modes in combination with the Selection-Tag. UV-Projection for the bigger objects and Cube-Projection for the smaller one. Lighting Parts or other textured Surfaces had a different Selection.

uv projection

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