Making of Super Snail
by Andrés Hurtado, Spain

This work is fully modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D. I have used BodyPaint and Photoshop for the textures. I start modeling the snail shell, to do this I use a spiral spline and a circular shape inside a sweep NURBS, I activate it and adjust the spiral parameters to get both the necessary turns and the thickness at the beginning and at the end.

Once the turns of the spiral are defined, I edit the model and distort the “mouth” or hollow the shell to make it bigger. Afterwards, when it is on the modeled body of the snail I will distort it quite a lot to remove stiffness and adapt it to the shapes of the snail. I also take advantage to do the first texture tests on the shell, especially to check whether the brown lines on the spiral are coming along nicely.

To model the snail body I start with a cube which I subdivide several times and stretch to make it an elongated rectangle which I put into a HyperNURBS. I distort it slowly with polygons and dot tools to define the basic shapes of the body, I also reduce or extended in size some polygons according to the bigger or smaller thickness needed in the model.

To make the model bend I make a choice of several polygons at one end of the model which is going to be the head and I turn them and move them vertically, I keep going on distorting polygons and dots, I turn, reduce them, etc, until I got the final shape of the snail.

The antennae and horns are created by means of extrude inner and several extrusions to provide the necessary length in each case as well as to get new polygons to modify the model in that particular side. For the mouth I have cut several polygons to which I have later applied an extrude inner.

I fit the shell onto the snail body and make several distortions to be able to adjust both elements. I make the shell narrower, turn it and distort its opening to adapt it to the shape of the snail back; I retouch the back of the body to make it look as if it’s going into the shell. At this stage the basic modeling in both the body and the shell is finished.

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