Houdini vs. The Feisty Fawn by Georg Dümlein

How to install Sidefx Houdini 8.2.13 on Ubuntu Linux 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)


This HOWTO describes the step necessary to run Houdini 8.2.13 on Ubuntu Linux 7.04 (Feisty Fawn). Though the installation of the OS and Houdini is an surprisingly painless experience some unexpected stumbling blocks could becloud this sunny day. The steps described in this paper can be found in various post in the usual forums, I just compiled them for your convenience.

*** Imporant: If you wreck your system don't blame me! Usually I tell my daughter: I won't lift you into that tree - who cannot climb up will propably not be able to climb down. Same goes here.


You first need an computer that runs Ubuntu Linux 7.04 (Feisty Fawn). The easiest way to accomplish this is downloading the ubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso or ubuntu-7.04-desktop-amd64.iso respectively [Link]. Which to choose depends on your hardware and this discussion is behind the scope of this HOWTO.

After burning the iso to disk reboot your computer from cd. The Ubuntu Live Cd allows you to see to what extend you hardware is supported by the operating system. I was lucky and everything important was detected. After entering the keys for my wireless connection and testing net access I decided to install the system to the second partition of the hard drive of my notebook.

If everything is fine your computer should start Ubuntu after the reboot. The system now downloads and installs all necessary updates.

A note on display drivers: I read a lot stories about linux and display drivers and they held me back a long time from the step of installing Ubuntu. Be fearless! My notebook for better or worse features an ATI x1600 adapter. I followed the Installation Guide at the Unofficial Wiki for the ATI Linux Driver [
Link] and it looks like everything is fine.

Downloading Houdini and Preparing the Installation

To download the Apprentice Version of SideEffects Houdini you just need to to visit www.sidefx.com and follow the link on their homepage [Link]. Choose "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Debian Linux (sid) Ubuntu Linux 5.10 Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 4", enter your email address and press download "Houdini 8.2.13".

Save the file to a directory of your choice like ~/houdini_install. Now open an terminal via Applications -> Accessories - > Terminal. Why the shell degenerated to an accessory is still unclear to me - but it's all about marketing I guess.

After changing to the directory you saved the installation file, i.e. cd houdini_install you need to extract the archive: tar -zxvf houdini-8.2.13-linux-rhEL4.tar.gz

*** TIP: Pressing the TAB key after tar -zxvf h expands the filename in the shell.

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