Making of Angel of War
by Jessada Sutthi, Thailand Web:


My favorite drawing is fantasy, so this project I choose to present in my way.

In my concept I like to combine Asian style and Mechanic. This picture is of Angel warrior. He is the solider of heaven to protect human from devil. And he obeys only GOD. For this artwork my inspiration was from game such as Final Fantasy 7.

Sketch Idea

In this step when I have theme in my mind, I need to bring my imagination on canvas. So let’s do it! I start doing quick sketch for seeing the composite, direction and design. But nothing fix in description.

Working on Coloring

1) After doing the sketch I used Photoshop7 for painting and convert into RGB color mode, resolution 300 dpi. In this progress I quick paint to find suitable palette. Try to zoom out often. Don’t be impatient to fill detail because if the composition is not good, it must take the long time to solve this problem. Now I got my favorite color that is blue, yellow (cream), orange for main color.

2) When I finished the quick painting. Then combine, merge the layers for preparing the real painting. After that I cleaned the entire outline by round brush. At that time I determine the direction of light and paint to make volume of object. At some parts I use flip canvas horizontal picture for checking figure. Fill the details softly. In the background I’ll run it to complete this progress because color of atmosphere has effect on the character. If I do the character before background then character will not suit for atmosphere. I use cloud photo to match paint and use Filter>Artistic>Paint Daubs to make realistic image to more painting work. Then use smudge tool paint to blend somepart. After that pen layer and adjust Blending Mode to be soft light for insert orange color.

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