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Painting Jake Sully's Avatar by Rafael Teruel Caceres, Spain Web:

avatar jake sully

When I saw the James Cameron 'Avatar' movie for the first time I was very surprised. I've seen it 2 more times. The visual effects are amazing. So I decide to pay a small tribute and began to make a fan art of its protagonist, Jake Sully.

Step 1 - This time I started doing two pencil drawings on paper. The first contains the Jake and the second one contains the background. I am looking for a dynamic composition and a lot of movement. Once scanned the drawings I made the composition into two different layers inside Photoshop until I found the one I liked it.

pencil sketches

Step 2 - To have a complete understanding of the color, I filled with flat colors on a Photoshop layer in multiply mode on the top of the drawing.

flat colors

Step 3 - Once I was clear about the color palette, I began to paint the background in a fairly 'traditional' way. I used the Corel Painter and in this step, I didn't use a restricted color palette. I just wanted to capture the light of the day. On the background blue shades, due to air density, and the closer more saturated colors.

background coloring

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