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Matte Painting: Making of Barbarossa by Daniele Scerra, Italy Web:


This is a matte painting that I have realized for the “Barbarossa” movie directed by Renzo Martinelli in 2009. The request of the director was for a singular version of the High Middle Ages Rome set in a river with a church in the background. I’ve been inspired from an old painting of Rome with Castel Sant’Angelo. The painting settings have been very helpful to me to realise this scene and it has allowed me to create a portrayal of Rome’s sunup in the year 1000.


In an early step I delineate a manual version, with the key elements, keeping a front view and creating shades with the hills and the buildings. The image in my mind was that of a city in the first lights of the day, a week red light that cherishes the landscape and gives a peace sensation. So I have searched for photographic references to begin the creation of the first draft.

From the reference images used the details for the houses in the background.

building details
house details

An important element has been the choice of the Church image. I needed a very detailed photo, from which to start and re-model inside Maya.
church details

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