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Making of the Challenger by Youichi Shimazaki, Japan Portfolio:

making of the challenger


Hello everyone!! My name is Youichi Shimazaki and I'm a Japanese Digital Artist. First of all, I'm most honoured to have opportunity to introduce this tutorial. And I 'm very glad to show my tutorial to you. I always use Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos4 tablet. My goal is to become an activity 2D-Artist and Concept artist just not only in Japan but worldwide too.


I painted this piece for a Japanese illustration contest. Because I like the dragon, I decided to paint a fantasy world. When painting my illustrations, I utilize novels, movies and comics as the source of idea. This time I adopted these elements into this piece. For example, composition, castle, warrior, of course dragon!

Brush Tool

I always use the various brushes properly. This time I decided to use mainly three "Custom brushes 1, 2, 3" and an Airbrush.

brush tool

Step 1: Sketch

At this step, I didn't start with colour. Drawing a monochromatic sketch, and then Colouring it by using the Layer Blend mode like Soft Light and Colour on the layer which was draw the sketch. This time I used a "Custom brush 1".

1. Composing the scene

To draw the challenger against the dragon and enhance the tension of the scene, I chose a diagonal composition. As you can see, this piece has a very simple composition.


2. The Lightning

When I did my first sketch, I used 2 main sources of the light. First source is strong light of the sky. In this case, this source is most important. This helps me divide the light and dark areas in this piece. I made the dragon throw a big shadow against the character through the strong light. So, I succeeded in representing the dragon's menace!


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