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Making of The City Above the Sky by Joao Marcos Britto Web:

city above sky

Hi guys, my name is Joao Marcos Britto and I'm a creative retoucher from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I want to give you an overall idea of how I composed a personal image called The City Above The Sky.

I wanted to make a scene where I had a just the peak of some skyscrapers standing out above the clouds along with some other elements. I was aiming for a stylized look.

I started with a base plate from New York City. I choose that particular photo because of the light direction matched with what I had in mind.


I duplicated the image and sampled a color from the sky. So I start to paint over the city. I used a little bit of the clone tool as well.


Next, I took some photos shot from above the sky and placed above my city. I played a little bit with the 'blend if' controls so I could get a little bit of transparency from the clouds without having to make a mask.



I went back to my original plate and, using the pen tool, I cut out some buildings and place it above the clouds. I corrected the color and contrast to match the atmosphere.


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