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Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt

Dear CGArena readers, I created for you, a tutorial showing how I did the artwork called “Cleopatra Queen of Egypt”. It’s a step by step images process with a short description for each of them.

To begin with, I always wanted to create a Matte Painting with the famous Taj Mahal monument from India. This project was also a great occasion to do something different than usual, not dark and scary but beautiful and hopeful. So, I found an interesting photo from my trip to India and just start to reshape it slowly during free time. The overall work was a bit chaotic because I had no ideas where I was going until I decided to do an Egyptian theme, inspired by one of the movies from Dreamworks, The prince of Egypt.

It finally end-up with this image which is a mix of 3D geometry, photos manipulation and digital painting. It was also a great opportunity to do a special collaboration with the 3D illustrator RainFeatherPearl who did an amazing 3D Cleopatra and a few props. Cleopatra Queen of Egypt was done on and off into a period of 7 weeks, including the collaboration and few photoshoot sessions. Different part of this image was done with 3D softwares but mainly in Photoshop CS3.

1. This is the original plate. India, April 2007.

taj mahal

2. The first step is to remove all the people in the foreground and make everything clean in order to create the matte painting.

3. I created the garden on the ground from a mix of different photos from the same trip.


4. The sky is also a mix of different skies mixed together in Photoshop using the blending modes options.


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