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Making of “The Confrontation” by Jone L. Leung Web:


Step 1 - Hello, for this making of, I will try my best to backtrack the steps that I took to complete my image, The Confrontation. I’ve always been inspired and fascinated by dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, so for this painting, I wanted to create an adventure based fantasy piece. With that idea in mind I started off with a simple line drawing, just to get the pose, gesture, expression, and anatomy of the dinosaur. Keep in mind that since this is a personal piece, I didn’t bother doing any thumbnails or pre-planning, since I had everything pretty much in my head and just wanted to start painting as early as possible. Needless to say, skipping this process did present me with a couple of roadblocks along the process so do keep in mind that thumbnails and idea sketching are crucial especially if your work is for a client. Also doing multiple thumbnails gives you more options to choose from, whether for yourself or for a client. I wasn’t too sure about the composition at this stage because of my rush to jump right in, and it caused me to go in circles, so a great way to avoid this and save time is to simply give your-self more options in the beginning. The brush that I used to do most of the preliminary drawing is basically a default round brush built into Photoshop. The settings are pretty basic, and I find that this brush is fairly versatile at this stage to lay down ideas and make quick changes.


Step 2 - In this step, I felt that his expression wasn’t really what I had in mind. I wanted the beast to be more aggressive and meaner, so I gave him an opened mouth as part of my idea was to have it growl at his newfound prey. The dinosaur itself is not anatomically accurate, being that I wanted some creativity and artistic ownership rather than copy a real dinosaur. It was more fun for me that way.
Step 3 - At this point, I decided on most of the composition, placing the figure on the far upper left corner on top of these giant banyan roots that I wanted to incorporate into this piece. The roots are enormous and marvelous structures, and if you’ve seen them in person you’ll know what I’m talking about. What I want to show is basically a square-off between man and beast, so at this stage I was deciding on the placement mostly, and how to integrate forest elements into the painting without causing tangents that will disturb the “flow” of the image. 


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