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Making of Corey Loving Hulk by Corey Loving, USA Web:

making of corey loving

First of all I just want to thank CGArena for recognizes us as an artist and giving us a chance/place to post work and creating an excellent resource for us to use. I hope you enjoy this walkthrough for one of Marvel’s most known characters, the incredible Hulk. My name is Corey Loving; let’s begin.


First I had an idea. The Hulk gets stronger, the angrier and he gets but what’s his limit? In my mind I had the concept of him keeping the earth from being destroyed by trying to stop the moon from colliding with the earth using his strength alone. I visualized the picture in a vertical comic like fashion. I don’t know why exactly like this but just how I imagined it.


In an effort to rid of a mass of enemies from earth Galactus expands the moon and sends it on a course to crush the earth in a blaze.

Prayers are heard from the people as they watch the sky light on fire. Some believe it is Revelations and embrace each other in their last moments of life.

But wait…what’s that on top of that building in the sky? The Hulk... Is he trying to stop the moon! I know the Hulk is strong but can he truly out strength an entire planet? Hulk our fates are in your hand…We believe in you, but Hulk how strong are you?


1) So once I had the idea down I sketch it out in Photoshop using a normal round brush.

2) I added gray’s and tones.

steps 1 -2

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