Painting Dock from the Concept Art
by Alain Descamps, France

This Tutorial will explain you how to realize very quickly and easily visual of Concept Art with the clever method of Scott Robertson.  This technique uses the superposition of copies containing of visual unspecified to which one allots different mode from fusion. This rather random certe mixture emphasizes volumes, lights, interesting elements which will constitute the base of the Concept Art.


Scott Robertson uses special felts of form punt and various widths with which it creates the visual basic ones on paper then scan them. They are those sketches, sometimes already advanced concepts such as mountains or visible and describle architectures, on white zone.  All these visual on white zone is imported in photoshop and superimposed.  For each copy, a mode of fusion is applied to him. The most effective modes of fusion are often the following: “Incrustation” (Overlay) - “Product” (Multiply) - “Difference” (Difference) - “Exclusion” (Exclusion) and “Density color -” (Color Dodge) but the others are quite  interesting as well :-)


Personally I do not have this kind of felt pentone. Therefore, the only means of recopying this type of sketch is to use photoshop and its parameterized brushes.

I create a new document, here 4000 X 2000 pixels with a white zone. On a new copy, I draw forms coarsely by using a type of hard brushes, or at the wet edges to simulate the effect of felt.

Now, one release himself (as Vincent Adam would say;) ) and one paints what comes to the head. For my part, the visual ones created here.

Yes it is true that at first sight that is not terrible but wait and especially do not doubt my artistic capabilities :).

I superimpose then these sketches on different copies. Here the modes of fusion which I applied as of the importation of the images, with the result which results from this.  Also notice that I duplicated a copy and that I applied to a mode of fusion different from the original.

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