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Making of Emma by Innokenty Shevchenko, Russia Web:


First I did is making box for composition and proportion building. It is a bounding box of object I draw. It helps me to build more detailed subdivision for my character in future.

sketchThen I use anything like a grip pen for understand proportions and locations of body. And box serves me like invisible grid. I can make some marks on it and use it for control of proportions. Next I make basic sketch of body with contours of big parts like head, spine, hands, legs and so on.

Then I create the new layer and attempt to choose a technique or brush options for paint. It is usually standard brush with 40% follow and 70 - 100% opacity. Then I make some tests for skin colour and lighting. I try to avoid the use only red or orange colours (as suggested by my friends). Then I paint the face first to stretch my hands for painting all pictures.


Green and blue - these colours help me to make skin more natural. And red I use only in shadow parts of body directed in my eyes. And I just watch my reference.

This part I begin to paint with more final quality for the part of the body. It has more experiments and trying. For soft blend between dark edges of hands and specular spots. I fill hands with darkest colour of edges and then paint specular. For better blend I use intermediate colours, red, yellow or orange. But it is depend on light. Red for hot - blue and mix with grey for cold. Often I use colours nearly grey area to paint cold tones.


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