Fable of the Night - Matte Painting
by Andrew Teng, Indonesia

Fable of the Night

First of all, I want to say, in these steps I use a lot for stamp tools, outer glow, and "color dodge" for blending mode. For the picture that I use in this tutorial, I take it from internet, so I really thanks for the picture that provided by someone that I don't know on Internet :) okay, let’s begin.

The original photo is only 2272 x 1704, and I want to make it bigger for the detail that I will put later. The size that I want to make is about 2837 x 2250 pixel s (I read somewhere minimum matte painting size must be about 2500 pixels), anyway I forgot where I read about it and sorry if I got wrong information about it, because I learn it by myself from internet) "I still don't know if this picture called matte painting or not, because I still learn it, anyway I like it and it’s fun".

Following 5 pictures are steps that I use for making bigger size about 2837x2250 pixel. I use stamp tool for making better and clone every tree, sky, lake, etc... Anyway just make it bigger :-)

I remove the old sky, with erase tools (anyway you can do it by alpha channel or add layer mask then use brush tool erase the old sky, this way you can bring back the erased information if required)

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