Making of Fire Energy
by Eugenio Garcia, Mexico

Introduction:  I receive some mails to do this make up, the idea of this work is the concept of Energy, this is originally for a graphic design site, I am a designer, but I like a lot digital painting.  I have this idea in my mind, to translate the fire energy to an image, and this came out, I didn’t do any sketch, for that I consider this a speed painting; (it took less than 2 hours to do).

Tools:  I used photoshop 7 and a wacom graphire 4 tablet, (the small one), my hardware specs are AMD Athlon 1800 512mb ram, and 17in. monitor

Preparation: With the concept and idea in my mind I did small canvas size at 1264 x 550 pixels, since the image is for the web.


The first I do is to put a background color, the base color.

Then I chose my color palette and try to put only warm colors, with nice contrast.

I choose Dodge, sharpen and brush as my tools. I have some great brushes from Natascha Roeoesli ( and I used three of it in this image,  but my base brush is the round brush, one with opacity controlled by pen and the another is 100% in opacity.

with some orange color and the dodge tool I put my light source

With my round brush I put the dark shapes and the main idea.

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