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Making of The Futuristic City by Sourav Dhar, India

making of the futuristic city

Hi everyone. This is Sourav Dhar and here I present a brief description of the making of my matte painting “Futuristic City”. As this is not a video tutorial, I could not express all the detailed painting and adjustment processes which I used. However I have covered as much as possible with the key steps involved in the making.

I have not made this painting from scratch. I have a passion for photography and I take a lot of references from photographs for matte paintings with realistic textures that can be incorporated into live action footage’s. I thought of developing this particular painting after watching the following photograph. It has a predominant dual color scheme which is readily very appealing and you can see a lot Hollywood movies and game visuals using that kind of a color pallet. Hence I selected this image to start with a subtle curve adjustments.


Next, I went for a quick scribbling to fix my composition. The photograph, buildings are packed very densely and there is almost no relief in the scene. So, I added more open space and brought in a river. It gives some open space for the eyes to move in and the feelings of vastness.


Before starting the detailing process, I settled the overall final structure of my futuristic buildings. The top of the buildings will be disc shaped and with a sieve like meshwork. Here is the photo reference used for that.


Then it was time to add the details of the far background, the distant building. These were done by painting on the reference photographs and a lot of color correction, size transformation and curve adjustments.


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