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Making of Homage by Filipe Laurentino, Brazil Web:


This is a homage to Bill Watterson and his creation, Calvin & Hobbes, the best cartoon i’ve ever read. In this making I will share my techniques and will walk you through the steps and settings taken from initial concept to the final rendering of the image.

The first thing to do is looking for some reference. In this case I worked with already existent characters, and even if you’re trying to make your own version, it’s good to have some image to work some details, that may be important for the character’s characteristics (or features).


I made a quick sketch of what I wanted on Photoshop. That was not my first draft; I tried a few times before getting what I wanted. Bear in mind that you will erase some drawings. Do not be afraid of it, it is part of the process. Try it again, and again, and again, until you say “this is what I want”.

I filled the characters with their colors. I always try to work from dark to light, and I started up with colors that are close to the darkest tone.

sketch color

These are the settings I made for my brushes before starting. I always work with Opacity and Flow close to 30% and 40%.


In Shape Dynamics I set the Pen Pressure for Diameter, and I had the minimum diameter increased to 10%. In Other Dynamics, I had Pen Pressure control for opacity.

I always start a painting or a sketch with these settings for brush, Hardness always close to 50%, and Spacing between 5% and 10%.

shape dynamics other dynamics

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