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Making of Junk Tree Paradise by Corey Loving Web:

junk tree paradise

Hi all! For this tutorial I used a wacom intuous 2 tablet, Photoshop CS4 , and Painter IX. Join me as I take you on a quick demonstration of my painting process of Junk Tree Paradise.

Step 1 - Start out with thumbnail sketches to rough out the ideas. I choose the bottom one. The idea was "kids who survived from the destruction of world war III and found the beauty and hope in the world."


Step 2: I added a new layer in photoshop, underneath the drawing and begin coloring the details. Afterwards I make a 3rd layer on top of everything and begin to paint on top of the initial drawing and under color layers.

Note (I also add a overlayer layer on top of everything and paint in some violets, yellows, and blues to warm and saturate the picture more. Then I add a Photofilter set to Warmer Filter (85) to warm it even more. All these things gives the picture more life.)

photo filter

Step 3: I flatten the image and decided to stretch the canvas out more horizontally as my ideas begin to change. Every now and then I bring the picture into Painter and use the Round Camel Hair and just add Water Brush to add the details like the sky and the green ground. Then I jump back into photoshop and continue to paint.

In Photoshop I used the default Hard Round Brush as well as the Oil Pastel large brush. A little trick for painting texture into the plants with the Oil Pastel large Brush is to set Color Dynamics setting on and turn up the Brightness Jitter a little. It'll give the impression of more detail than you really painted by hand.

Also I'm flipping the canvas constantly to make sure things are working right. It gives you a fresh look on the picture and clarifies any possible mistakes.

brush settings

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