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Making of Kids Love Dentists by Ewelina Madej, Poland Portfolio:

kids love dentists

Hello, my name is Ewelina Madej.  I´m Polish Designer and Digital Painter. Now I've been finishing my study and working at the same time as a freelance.

Below I am going to talk to you about how I painted “Kids love Dentists”. I was asked about the tutorial so it's not a quick recipe how to do it. In this tutorial I will explain how I worked on "Kids love dentists". I hope it'll be helpful. The tutorial shows mistakes and changes which I made during the working process. Step by step I'll show you how I worked on it. It won't be a quick recipe. I want this tutorial to help you in creating your artworks. I think making an artwork should be more than just a work. It should be a pleasure. Don't be afraid of changing your image when you find something is wrong or simply something can be better.

My work “Kids love dentists” is an answer for a topic “When we were kids”.  I tried to think about strong memories from childhood. It's a simple answer for the question: “What are kids afraid of?”  I wanted to do it in a funny way. And of course I wanted it to be a little scary.  So I created a frightening doctor with a syringe. The syringe is ready for injection. But apart from the strange dentist and his tool it's also funny. A badge with inscription “Kids friendly” and an application on his mask makes the doctor ridiculous.  Another comical aspect is the view from the mouth. I hope you will like it.


At first I'd like to give you some advices. They are based on my observations and my experiences. They tell about preparing image and its aspects.


I recommend planning of all your works. It's not very important when you working on personal work. But I think it's difficult. Why don't train this skill on your personal work? The composition is a very important thing for the artwork.  This is a cause why one artwork is dynamic and the other is static. The composition also decides which thing is the most important and where the spectator should keep his eye. You have to decide about the source of light. It'll be very important in future. When you've got commissioned work it's needed nearly always.


I think they are good for start. Old Masters also learnt copying paintings. Many people say that it is wrong. I did it. I think it is very useful. But it's not everything. Painting from nature is very important also.  Later you can use the references as an inspiration.


My own preference was limited color scale. I like artworks which are mainly in grey and got maximum 2 additional colors. Of course it's not suitable for every kind of picture. But I think it is good for pictures which should be a bit scary. So I decided to use grey and red colors mainly. Red for jaws and application on dentist mask, badge and syringe.  I choose grey base on violet for the background and started with brown, green and blue but at last I choose violet. It was changed during the working process. I think it was a good decision.  


I tried to keep all of the elements on separated layers eg. First for portrait, second for hand etc. Sometimes when I'm painting eg. portraits I worked on few layers. But then I try to merge the layers from time to time. I keep the same way on other parts of the image. The thing has changed when the image is nearly finished. Then I created a new layer at the top of the image. The layer contains the thing which put elements of the image together. Usually it’s a simple light or shadow with a low opacity. At the end I merge all the layers and used the typical functions as contrast, vividness etc.


When you spend time on planning all of this doesn’t be afraid of changing it. It's hard to do it. Sometimes you spend hours on planning and then working on it... You've got nearly everything finished. The creative process when you are working on your piece can give you a better solution.  If you are not working under a deadline you can try.   If you are afraid make the changes on a new layer.

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