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Making of Knight by Youichi Shimazaki, Japan Portfolio:

making of knight

Hello everyone! My name is Youichi Shimazaki and I'm a Japanese Digital Artist. First of all, I'm most honoured to have opportunity to introduce this tutorial. Thanks, !! I have enjoyed painting with Adobe Photoshop since 2008. I use Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom Intuos4 tablet and learn by trial and error. My goal is to become an active 2DArtist and Concept artist, not only known in Japan but also worldwide.


I always use the various brushes properly. This time I decided to use mainly three Custom brushes '1,2,3' and an Airbrush.

custom brush


This piece was inspired by the fantastic novels of J.R.R.Tolkien. When painting my illustrations, I utilize novels, movies and comics as the source of idea. This time I wanted to paint the scene that knights ride the horses in the battlefield.


Now I work on the rough sketch based on the concept in Photoshop and use a "Custom brush 1". I don't start with colour.


Before starting the painting, I always do carefully planning. Here I chose a reddish brown for the base of the background, with some red and dark brown for all characters.

Warm colours can create many different moods: battlefield, danger, passion, wrath etc. I wanted all of those moods together.

color scheme


Lighting is one of the most important tools when it comes to setting a dramatic scene. So here I painted a highlight on the main character's head which is key point. And I added an ambient light from the ground to add more contrast. Then, to exaggerate the presence of the main character, I decided to add the shadow between him and his horse.


Painting Methods--Concerning the Painting, I use two painting methods properly:

Method 1- Drawing a monochrome sketch and then Coloring it by using different Layer Blending Options like Soft Light and Multiply on the layer which was draw the sketch.

Method 2- Drawing a monochrome sketch, and then Referring to it for painting a picture.

all steps

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