Painting a Landscape
by Alain Descamps, France

Here a small tutorial which will enable you to paint in Photoshop a basic landscape which could be thereafter detailed. The tools essential with its realization will be the brushes and their settings.

In a new document, whose size is 1900 X 900 pixels we will first paint the sky. If you have difficulty in choosing your color of sky or your range, then you can take the help of a photograph.  If in spite of a photograph you do not get the desired result, it should be said that during morning and evening sky changes the colors very quickly because of sun.

Sky - On two separate layers, paints with a hard brush - a blue color and a yellow color with orange tint on other. Then apply a Gaussian blur for blending both the colors and also remove the between line.

It should be known everything on distant is contrasted much less than what is in the foreground. One will work with brownish colors and thus will play with the luminosity of the selected color.

Once the color is chosen, which brush to use?  Photoshop offers a various brush presets which can be changed to create your own brushes. We will draw abrupt mountains and would like to have peaks with the mountains. Chooses the Chalk brush and changes his orientation (Angle) in the brush settings dialog box.

On a new layer draw the mountains with the above created brush

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