Making of Lida
by YuChengHong, Taiwan

In this work, I want to interpret a new feeling of an old Chinese poem, and try to make it more fantastical, sci-fi and surreal. So I start doing research…here is some I searched on Google...

Concept / Sketch

Here is some rough concept sketches, compose with the pipa (the musical instrument) photo and graphic elements to get how it’s looks like.

So now is what I get…and I chosen the suit one to start painting.

Black and White

In this step, I start with black and white first, and I draw every element for each layer, that is because is more easily to change color for each elements, use the Hue/Saturation and Replace Color tool to change color.

So, I fill a gradient on the background, and put the sketch as a guide line above, lower down the opacity.

Second, I start from skin, just paint gray tone color and working on value

and paint the suit and shoes..

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