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Making of Portrait of a Magic Warrior by Chaichan Artwichai, Thailand

portrait of a magic warrior

This is my personal work that I’ve made for fun. It’s all start from a doodle sketch which become a finished piece and there are no references or planning in this work. I used the Painter 11, Photoshop CS 3 and Wacom Intuos 3 for creating this image.

Let’s start the first step of this image. I have chosen Pencil-Brush in painter 11. At the first time I try this tool in painter 11, it is really great tool for sketch and simulate pencil stroke very realistic especially if you use it with intuos3 or 4 that can control the angle of the stroke softly. If you never touch it before I recommend!!

As I have said before this is just a doodle sketch that I was playing with new tool, so it’s not much planed work. In the sketching process I’m not concern about structure so much. Just keeping the emotional of the line, control the tablet like its part of my hand and let the feeling burst any elements to appear in the frame.

When I finish from the painter I save the file as .psd file prepare for working in Photoshop. For the coloring process I always think in term of value at first because it important more than color but it’s doesn’t mean color is not important. A good composition come from a good arrangement of black and white value which impact the eye at first and we will talk about color later.

Create a new layer and set to multiply blending mode or if you have separated layer from painter just create a new layer under the line layer and fill it with middle value in gray scale slider.

After filling with the middle value, I was thinking about the focal point of the picture it is a portrait and the face should be a good choice to be a focus and I want to make its white object by the skin which fills with the light from above. There are lot of tricks to make a good focal point and this is basic by make a big negative shape in the picture as a focal point and in this kind is a face which become white when turning it into notan.

When the main value of any objects in the picture already filled I will not use pure black or pure white as a value always keep it about 95% in black value and 10% in the high white value(you can see color percentage in the gray scale slider in Photoshop).

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