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Making of Monkey by Ankit Thapliyal, India Portfolio:


Hello Everyone! In this tutorial, I will guide you through the whole process, from the initial sketch design to the final presentable painting all using Adobe Photoshop CS5 (this process can be applied to all the versions of Photoshop). The techniques I will use to create this illustration will be fairly simple and I hope it will definitely help you to understand the throughout process. I would like to thank Joel Sartore for the beautiful photography of the subject.

Starting off with the initial sketch design, I prepared my brush palette by selecting a simple “Hard Round brush” tool that comes default with the Photoshop versions. For Brush Settings, I switch “On” the “Shape Dynamics” settings. On the right hand side, I switch the “Control” bar from “Off” to “Pen Pressure”. Then I switch “On” “Transfer” Settings and on the right side, switch the “Control” bar again from “Off” to “Pen Pressure”. Here you will realize you are actually smoothening out the corners of the brush hence will help you in getting the real brush feel. Now, the harder you press the darker strokes you get and vice versa. I kept my Brush opacity settings set to 100 percent and flow settings to 100 percent and started off with simple block out with basic shapes just to ensure the shape got right there.



After the basic block out, I started off with the shading part, I used crosshatching techniques and some random strokes wherever I felt necessary keeping in mind the light direction I needed for the final painting.

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