Pop Art Comic Strip
by Andy Halls, USA

Step 1: Open the Image you like to convert into the comic strip. Duplicate the layer and change the mode of the duplicate layer to “Color Dodge”.

Step 2: Press Ctrl + I to invert the duplicate image. This makes the image appears white.

Step 3: Apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to the duplicate layer. You will see a colored line drawing start to appear. When you increase the blur strength that controls the line strength. Don’t you think it’s cool?

Step 4: To remove the colors create a new Threshold Adjustment layer from the button in the layers palette. Adjust the slider until you see all the required details in the scene. Also create a new layer and paint with white color to remove the unwanted spots in the image. You are thinking why follow so many steps and just applying a Threshold on the main layer will give us same result but actually this method gives you more control on the lines that you don’t get if applied the threshold directly.

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