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Making of the Rest by Fernando Ferreiro, Spain Web: Portfolio:

the rest

This is a picture made only for fun and without references, using only my imagination, except in the flag on the jacket. I have a classical training and my way of working with digital tools is very simple, because I always try to paint with Photoshop as I did with pencils or brushes on paper or canvas. Maybe my skills are not the much orthodox, even when I paint in traditional way, because I´m very instinctive and fast, with not spectacular technical resources, but for me it works.

Usually, I draw a first draft in a paper with a pencil, in traditional way. Then, I scan the sketch and I end the painting in Photoshop. In this case, the first sketch was made directly in a new white Photoshop document, of course, in a layer over the main surface. For this, I used a standard brush number 5, colour black, hard shape, 20% opacity. This layer with the sketch was the main guide in the rest of the process; decreasing its opacity I can paint with the reference of the traces in independent layers underneath.


For to determine the different surfaces of the composition, first I create layers with those parts painted only with plain colours. Locking the opacity of those layers, I will paint the details of each part using the layer as an independent canvas. Now is the moment to paint the environment, using only spots of greens and browns with big airbrush brushes, and smaller brushes for the “bugs” that flutter in the air, obtaining easily a realistic effect of blur in second plain.


The next step is to start to paint the details of the face, using a darker tone of colour for to define the features and wrinkles. Here, I use to change a lot of times the size of the brushes and its opacity. Once finished this process, I mark the deepest shadows with a darker brown and I define better the volumes.


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