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rihanna digital painting

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kyle Lambert and I am a digital artist that focuses on photo-realistic digital painting and illustration. I say this in most interviews, but as amazing as they seem, I don't really see my photo-realistic paintings as work of art. To me they are more about learning about color mixing, accurate drawing and understanding what it is that makes an image look real. The techniques I have developed doing paintings such as this one of Rihanna I now use for my every day work as an artist. 

Below I am going to talk to you about how I painted this image of Rihanna. It is not a step by step guide with instructions on what shapes to draw and what colors to pick, but more of an overview of the process I go through when doing a piece like this. I hope it is of interest.

Step 1 - Typically I begin a painting by laying down a rough background color. This could be a dark color if I am painting a night scene or green if I am painting a forest scene etc… In this Rihanna piece I went for the blue/gray from the original photograph. Unless there is a reason to do so, I typically begin my paintings with a gray color such as this to keep the environment neutral.
Step 2 - Then with a generic skin color for Rihanna I painted in a rough head shape. This is to suggest where the ears, chin, forehead and shoulders should be. I then loosely painted in white highlights for the eyes and face to help position them and black to give an indication as to where the hair will go.

rough shape
Step 3
- The next stage is to begin to introduce accurate details as to the location of the eyes, lips and other facial features. In this piece I did this with a slightly darker color than the skin color

rihanna details

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