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Making of Seance by Ian Essom, England Web:


The big fellow lost his brother in a battle; With the help of the spiritualist they are contacting the spirit world.

The idea behind Seance was to communicate a dark and meaningful image which would contrast to the brutal battle in which the big fellow had fought in and lost his brother. Conjuring up contrasting images.

I painted out the general idea in value to have a visual which I could manipulate and get a feel for the layout. There was a circle of points created by the hands which helped make the image work firstly because the characters were so close together and secondly to help the eye flow around the image. At this stage I didn't know how I was going to communicate the Seance light but I knew I wanted it to come within the hands of them both like they were at one with each other.

I liked the idea of the woman to be wearing Gothic type clothing and have her belly exposed. Therefore a sensitive area which would contrast the claws, teeth, presents of the big fellow. I decided to repaint the woman and paint over the lizard. I had spent a few days drawing dragon heads previously so this helped me design his head from my mind even though he is not a dragon. It took a lot of over painting, moving parts around and refining.


I took a photo of myself in the same pose as the female spiritualist to have a reference of the hands and painted them in a more feminine way. I wanted the face to be perfectly symmetrical so I duplicated half of it and then flipped it over. I researched female clothing in a dark style and found a reference to the bottom part of her dress. I enhanced the interconnecting lines on her chest which were designed by doodling my feelings on screen. I painted some more scales on the big fellow to understand more about how I was going to approach this area.


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